"Great, affordable studio.

Well equipped, cool in-house guys,

and a fantastic drum sound."


-Mark King/Level42 Records


Welcome to PBUG studios. Established in 2010, originally to serve as a rehearsal space for professional drummer Pete Ray Biggin, it has since evolved into a top quality studio that consistently delivers the best sounding mixes, with full production facilities to boot. "When I first setup the studio I needed a rehearsal space/studio to record drums" said Pete, "I needed a space where the drum sound was permanently setup so I could just walk in, hit record and create" That ethos has formed the basis of what is now P.BUG studios. With a top quality drum sound ready to go 'out of the box' your time is spent recording and creating rather than hours wasted setting up and packing away. In-house engineer Henrik Fossum agreed, "With all the time saved trying to get a drum sound we normally manage not only to record but also mix most artists who come to the studio all in the same day." PBUG Studios have a commitment to producing the best sounding mixes whether you're at the beginning of your career or a seasoned pro.


"Recorded here many times now and the drum sound is amazing. All the guys at PBUG are great and its always top of the list for drum recording."


-Oli Lazarus (Reel People/Papa Records)




"The drum sound at PBUG is as good as anything I've worked with in my 20 years of record production."


- Toni Economides (Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Jamiroquai, Brand new heavies Mixer)




"Everytime i go there, the vibe is great. The work/sound and production is outstanding and the engineer is a cool dude who really knows his stuff"


-Alex Buchanan (Thriller live, The Voice)